In most

In most At cough the dense flavovirent phlegm is allocated.

Cough continues to be aggravated.

In most cases cold is accompanied by cough.

It occurs because the child tries to clear respiratory ways of the accumulating slime complicating breath.

It is possible to allocate main types of cough noisy, disturbing and demanding the address to the doctor.

If your kid has cold and thus otkharkivayushchy cough, and the child well eats, plays and sleeps, concerning such noisy cough it is not necessary to worry, it should not be treated.

If in the afternoon the child feels well, but cough prevents it to fill up and awakes at night, this cough which we carry to disturbin it is necessary to treat.

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We noticed

We noticed How to extend a night dream Whether you that the child slept at night more long want Then change its day dream.

We noticed from the practical activities and bringing up own children that the child whom carry in the scrappy holder and feed according to the first requirement, dozes in the afternoon, as the cat, but sleeps off at night really.

So in consciousness of the child the association of a warm soft laying with a dream is born.

Even if the child is in an unfamiliar place, the skin remains for it a habitual bed.

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No, it is enough

No, it is enoughWhatever spoke about the various reasons of obesity and it is hereditary a nost, and violations of an endocrine exchange and so forth, the main reason one an overeating.

Though heredity, of course, it is impossible to underestimate l, after all the starting moment is the overeating.

Also the visible overeating when the child and stuff every day with sweet flour food porridges, pies, pancakes, snickerses, cakes is not necessarily obvious.

No, it is enough to eat daily superfluous g of bread, r of candies or icecream.

It will give kcal much which to press close in an organism in grams of superfluous fat, in a month of g of fat and in a year kg of fat.

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Besides, to sit next

Besides, to sit nextSam and Tim could ignore Katee when she continued to shout at restaurant that was especially difficult as they were in a public place and to it it was necessary to take out views of surrounding people.

Besides, to sit next to it it was difficult, as it could pull Tim for sleeves or stretch hands to Sam.

they could more than once with it, and long minutes of the hysteric of Katee later stopped, and it, indifferently.

all ate.

Sam and Tim started to understand, ignoring can be how effective.

Some parents do not ignore, as think that to do it it is too tiresome; because of it children behave worse; if they are in a public place, all will look a pas them.

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But control

But controlWe exhausted and tired parents, too did not resist in due time such temptation.

But control researches showed that the kids who have received a feeding up before going to bed, sleep at night absolutely not best of all, than children whom for the night did not feed.

Encourage independence of the child at the table.

Aged near month at kids new skills which if them to fix, much more will facilitate feeding process would start to develop.

One of such skills ability to fit well on a children's armchair or on your knees, another ability to take and hold small subjects big and index fingers.

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